• Extech AN 100 CFM/CMM Thermo Anemometer

    Extech AN 100 CFM/CMM Thermo Anemometer


    Extech AN 100 CFM/CMM Thermo Anemometer can measure Air Flow or Air Velocity in addition to Ambient Temperature. It can be the perfect solution for the measurement of airflow/ air velocity in HVAC and Ventilation systems. Easy to set Area dimensions are stored in the meter’s internal memory of each unit (ft² or m²).

    Applications: HVAC, Ventilation Systems, Fume hoods, Boiler rooms, Plant/Facilities Maintenance.

  • Thermal Anemometer

    Testo 405i Thermal Anemometer


    Testo 405i Thermal Anemometer with smartphone operation from the Testo smart probes series is ideal for carrying out the measurements of tasks in ventilation ducts. It is easy to use the thermal anemometer for determining temperature, air velocity & volume flows. Testo thermal anemometer is suitable for measuring indoor air velocity.

    Applications: Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation Ducts, HVAC, Pharmaceuticals, etc.


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