• RTD Flameproof Temperature Sensor

    Ace AI-RTD-FLP Flameproof Temperature Sensor

    Ace AI-RTD-FLP Flameproof Temperature Sensor having a blast evidence RTD sensors are made of the robust pass on the cast aluminum head with mineral protection. They can also be made of solid metal, SS304, and SS316. Our standard RTD sensors are guaranteed flameproof for gas bunches I, IIA and IIB and come complete with a Flameproof head.

    Applications: include reactors, distillation columns, laboratories, mines, chemicals & petrochemicals.

  • E+E Elektronik EE471 Temperature Sensor with Remote Probe

    E+E Elektronik EE471 Temperature Sensor with Remote Probe is designed for measuring temperature in specific applications where the sensor needs to be placed at a distance from the point of measurement. This Temperature Sensor with Remote Probe feature allows for flexibility in positioning the sensor in environments where direct contact may not be feasible or safe. This Temperature Sensor typically have a specified level of good accuracy.

    Applications : Building automation, HVAC systems, Environmental Monitoring , process control , Laboratories, etc.

  • 1,242.00

    RTD PT 100 Sensor

    RTD PT100 Sensor is a high precision temperature sensor used extensively for measuring temperature in process, heating, ventilation & air conditioning ( HVAC ) along with transition wire (cable). The RTD sensors are extremely suitable for temperature monitoring of cold rooms, pharma rooms, HVAC applications & all models of RTD Pt-100/ Thermocouples, RTD Pt-1000, etc.
    Applications: Temperature monitoring of cold rooms, pharma rooms, HVAC applications, machine building, process measurement & many other specialized applications.

  • Siemens-QFA3160-Humidity-Temperature-Sensor

    Siemens QFA3160 Humidity and Temperature Sensor


    Siemens QFA3160 Humidity and  Temperature Sensor monitors and transmits the changes in humidity and temperature to the building control systems. Relative humidity and temperature in the QFA series are especially suitable for applications Where a specific and stable sensation of humidity is required.
    Applications: Foodstuff, Medicine, Restaurant, Transportation, and industries by the HACCP system certification


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