• Corona Virus Detector, Body thermal imager

    CEM DT 980Y Body Thermal Imager (COVID-19)

    CEM DT 980Y Body Thermal Imager is used to measure human body temperature with a response time of 20 ms. This body thermal image automatically tracks the highest/lowest temperatures and easily finds the abnormal temperature in the detection area. The external large display terminals make on-site monitoring much easier. The data can also be transferred online to the free Thermview+ App and use powerful analysis software.

    Applications: Malls, residentials, IT Offices, School, Colleges, Airports, etc

  • CEM DT-9885 Thermal Imager, Thermal Imager

    CEM DT-9885 Thermal Imager

    CEM DT-9885 Thermal Imager with high-resolution(384×288) helps the user to find problems with advanced features and functionalities. Infrared inspections are made faster and more efficient with CEM DT-9885, which can also help to document problematic areas for additional analysis.
    Applications: HVAC/R Transportation / Automotive Cooling and Reheating Serving Areas Food Service Equipment Cold Storage

  • Dahua Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution

    Dahua Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution

    Dahua Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution is capable of measuring human body temperature with high accuracy of ±0.3℃ (with blackbody). With a built-in AI algorithm, it can monitor multiple persons from up to 3-meter distance, enabling fast and non-contact access.

    Applications: Airports, Malls, Metro Stations, Railway stations, Schools, Colleges, etc.

  • Human Body Thermal Imager AI-TV-35

    Human Body Thermal Imager AI-TV-35

    Human Body Thermal Imager AI-TV-35 is a very powerful yet compact 4G-LTE enabled screening solution with a thermal and RGB camera suitable for remote monitoring and screening people temperature. It is equipped with AI-enabled facial tracking for accurate localization and tracking of people’s temperature for quick and efficient isolation of feverish individuals without manual exposure of any personnel.
    Applications: Airports, Railway Stations, Malls, Education Institutes, Workspaces, Malls, Gathering areas, etc.

  • Testo 868 - Thermal imager

    Testo 868 Thermal Imager


    Testo 868 Thermal Imager is an instruments that indicates the temperature of the objects. This imager has the best thermal image quality in its class, an integrated digital camera, and impressive smart functions. This thermal imager case comes with wheels, making it easy to transport so that it is always available to you when needed.
    Applications: locate thermal bridges, identify overheated connections, and Detect mould-prone areas,.

  • Testo 872 - Thermal imager

    Testo 872 Thermal imager


    Testo 872 Thermal imager is a device used to measure the temperature and humidity of all the objects without contact. This thermal imager is ideal for professional industrial and building thermography while also making your work fast and easy. This Testo 872 has the unique features, that You can generate error-free and objectively comparable infrared images. It is versatile in use, for example in industrial and mechanical maintenance or for detecting structural defects.
    Applications: Detect mould-prone areas, locate thermal bridges, and identify overheated connections.


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