• Dickey John M20P Portable Moisture Tester

    Dickey John M20P Portable Moisture Tester is an advanced agricultural instrument meticulously crafted to assist farmers and grain producers in precisely determining the moisture levels of their crops. Its sleek, compact design and user-friendly operation provide swift and accurate moisture readings, empowering growers with the data needed to make strategic choices regarding harvest timing and grain storage. The M20P is the ultimate tool for enhancing crop quality and yield.
    Applications: Grain Storage Management, Seed Quality Assessment, Grain Trading, Quality Control in Food Processing.

  • Dickey-John Mini GAC and Mini GAC Plus Grain Moisture Analyzer

    Dickey-John Mini GAC and Mini GAC Plus Grain Moisture Analyzer is a device used to measure the moisture content in the grains. This Portable Moisture Meter measures over 450 types of grains or products in hot and cold conditions of 0 – 50° C and also receives accurate measurements in a variety of conditions with automatic temperature compensation.

    Applications: Harvesting Decision-making, Quality Control in Grain Processing, Crop Insurance Adjustments, Grain Trading and Marketing, Seed Production, On-Farm Grain Management, Research and Development, Educational Purposes, Grain Drying and Storage, etc.

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