• Logtag TRIX-8 Multi-Use Temperature Logger

    LogTag TRIX-8 Multi-Use Temperature Logger


    LogTag TRIX-8 Multi-Use Temperature Logger is designed to measure temperature in applications where accuracy and consistency are required. This Multi-Use Temperature Logger provides facilities for listing data statistics, and exporting the data to other applications such as Excel format. This temperature logger reads the data to be downloaded by using LogTag Analyzer and provides the date and time stamps for each temperature reading.

    Applications: Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Refrigerator Ships, Warehouses, Refrigerator Trucks.

  • LogTag USRIC-4 Single Use USB Temperature Recorder

    LogTag USRIC-4 Single Use USB Temperature Recorder


    LogTag USRIC-4 Single Use USB Temperature Recorder cost-effective & reliable temperature recorder, the LogTag® USRIC-4 measures, and stores real-time temperature readings over a measurement range of -25°C to +60°C (-13°F to +140°F).

    Applications: Coldchains, Product Meat/Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, museum, Laboratories, Agriculture & Floral

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    LogTag UTRID16 Multiuse Temperature Data Logger


    LogTag-UTRID-16-Multiuse Temperature Data Logger provides a display to allow immediate viewing of current and past temperature and alarm statistics. The display shows recording status, current temperature, alarm status of up to six user-configurable alarms, and duration of any temperature excursions.

    Applications: Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Refrigerator Trucks, Reefer ships, Reefer vehicles, Refrigerator ships, Warehouse.


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