• 10,764.00

    Ace AI-01-FC Flameproof Temperature Controller

    Ace AI-01-FC Flameproof Temperature Controller is a simple, intuitive instrument with a built-in large 1” high 4 digits, 7-segment red LED display. The instrument has 2 relays built-in, Relay 1 with On/Off logic with the option of time delay up to 250 seconds & Relay 2 with Buzzer Alarm Logic. The relay outputs are industry-standard potential-free NO/CO/NC relay contacts.

    Applications: pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, bulk drugs, chemicals, warehouses, clean rooms.

  • 2,329.002,795.00

    Ace AI-01C Digital Temperature Controller

    Ace AI-01C Digital Temperature Controller is a device designed to measure and control the temperature levels in indoor environments like offices, workspaces, industries, factories, etc. And Protect humans in an attempt to hazardous situations. This device is available with a Panel mounting type process indicator controller with universal input selectable from front keys between RTD Pt-100, J, K, R Thermocouple & 4-20mA.

    Applications: Used in HVAC, Pharma, Industries, Automation, Hospitals, workspaces, etc.

  • 7,800.00

    Ace M5100 Vacuum Transmitter

    Ace M5100 Vacuum Transmitter series from Measurement Specialities sets the price/performance standard for transducers used in demanding environments. The M5100 exceeds the latest heavy industrial CE requirements including surge protection and is over voltage protected to 16Vdc in both positive and reverse polarity Automation.

    Applications: Vacuum Systems, Machine Building, Vacuum Pumps & Metallizers, Pumps & Compressors, High Vacuum Distillation

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