• Carbon Dioxide Monitor

    Ace AI-CO2-10K-S Carbon Dioxide Monitor

    Ace AI-CO2-10K-S Carbon Dioxide Monitor measures the air and monitors CO2 levels with the Industrial standard Carbon Dioxide Transmitter. This Co2 Detector is available in wall mounting (with/without display) and duct mounting enclosures. This Caron Dioxide Controller boasts the latest sensing technology with a Swiss photoacoustic sensor for reliable monitoring. The instrument offers optional RS-485 communication, a programmable buzzer alarm, and relay outputs.

    Applications: Cold Storage Monitoring, Greenhouse Monitoring, Mushrooms Farms,Confined Spaces, Industries, and Hospital Laboratories, etc.

  • Portable CO2 Detector

    Ace AI-CO2-P1 Portable CO2 Detector

    Ace AI-CO2-P1 Portable CO2 Detector measures the indoor air quality index including the CO2 concentration level, air temperature, dew point, wet bulb temperature, and humidity. The Carbon Dioxide output value readings are fed to the PC for online analysis. The CO2 sensor can be calibrated easily in fresh air, and also the RH sensor is calibrated with AZ 33%/75% salt bottle.
    Applications: Public areas such as offices, Classrooms, Factories, Hospitals, Workspaces, Residential, Commercial Buildings, and Hotels.

  • Carbon dioxide gas detector

    Crowcon Gasman Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector

    Crowcon Gasman Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector is a portable single gas detector used for detecting carbon dioxide gas. The sensor carries an intelligent processor which contains calibration and sensor information.

    Applications: Oil and Gas Industries, Chemical Industries, Steel works and Water works.

  • Drager Portable CO₂ Gas Detector

    Drager Pac 8000 Portable CO₂ Gas Detector


    Dräger® Pac 8000 Portable CO₂ Gas Detector is used as a personal safety device which reliably alarms user against the hazardous concentration of CO2 with accurate measurement and used as a life-saving device. There are 12 different sensor selections depending on the gas to be opted by the end-user. The detector is rugged and holds all necessary approvals which make this device eligible for sensitive and life-threatening areas.
    Applications: Hospitals, Fire Service, Chemical Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, Mining, Alcohol, and Drug Detection

  • Drager Pac Single Gas Detector,O2 Gas Detector

    Drager Pac 8500 Dual Sensor Detector


    Drager Pac 8500 Dual Sensor Detector gadget is a dependable and exact instrument even under the hardest of conditions. The device can be outfitted with a hydrogen-repaid CO sensor or a Dräger double sensor. This gives you the choice of estimating two gases without a moment’s delay: either H2S with CO or O2 with CO

    Applications: Industrial and Laboratory, Mining, Sewage, Oil & Gas and Chemicals

  • Senko SI-100 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

    Senko SI-100 Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector


    Senko SI-100 Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector typically finds its place in human-environmental related applications. It shows the concentration of CO2 in ppm levels and alerts users when the setpoints are violated. This senko gas detector has the capability of controlling an external motor, exhaust, etc. at user-defined set points. Other important feature includes 4-20mA output and optional communication of RS485 to integrate with BMS systems.

    Applications: Workspace, Educational Institutions, Labs, Chemical & Bulk Drugs Steelworks, petrochemical, refining, shipbuilding, wastewater treatment plants and septic, mining, power, agency.


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