• Carbon dioxide gas detector

    Crowcon Gasman Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector

    Crowcon Gasman Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector is a portable single gas detector used for detecting carbon dioxide gas. The sensor carries an intelligent processor which contains calibration and sensor information.

    Applications: Oil and Gas Industries, Chemical Industries, Steel works and Water works.

  • Carbon Dioxide Meter

    Lutron GC-2028 Carbon Dioxide Meter


    Lutron GC-2028  Carbon dioxide Monitor is a budgetary monitor making it simple to take fast and accurate readings of CO2 levels and Temperature. It is one of the best and most accurate device to measure concentration of carbon dioxide and temperature in atmosphere.

    Application: HVAC, Nursery, Landfill gas, Ventilation administration, Mining, basement and gas stores, Transport, Railroad/air terminal holding up corridors, Schools, Library, Trains, Healing facilities, Office etc.

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    Lutron GCH 2018 IAQ Monitor


    Lutron GCH-2018 IAQ Monitor gives you a chance to measure, precisely, and reasonably test CO2 levels, Temperature and Humidity around your environment. It tends to be moved from spot to place to test CO2 levels, temperature and Humidity in your environment. IAQ Monitor can uncover if your condition’s warming, ventilation and cooling framework is working appropriately.

    Applications: Houses, HVAC, Pharmaceuticals, Industries, Green house, Smart Homes, Offices etc.

  • Senko SI-100 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

    Senko SI-100 Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector


    Senko SI-100 Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector typically finds its place in human-environmental related applications. It shows the concentration of CO2 in ppm levels and alerts users when the setpoints are violated. This senko gas detector has the capability of controlling an external motor, exhaust, etc. at user-defined set points. Other important feature includes 4-20mA output and optional communication of RS485 to integrate with BMS systems.

    Applications: Workspace, Educational Institutions, Labs, Chemical & Bulk Drugs Steelworks, petrochemical, refining, shipbuilding, wastewater treatment plants and septic, mining, power, agency.

  • Siemens QPM2100 Carbon dioxide duct sensor

    Siemens QPM2100 Carbon dioxide duct sensor


    Siemens QPM2100 Carbon dioxide duct sensor optimizes room comfort by allowing for demand-controlled ventilation. The sensors may acquire concentrations of CO2 and volatile organic compounds ( VOC), relative humidity, and temperature. The sensor assesses concentrations of CO2 / VOC and transforms it into a linearly proportional output signal of 0 to 10 Vdc. A capacitive wetness sensing element changes capacitance as a function of relative humidity for models with humidity.

    Application: Commercial Buildings, Schools and Educational Facilities, Healthcare Facilities, Industrial and Manufacturing Settings, Laboratories and Cleanrooms, and Data Centers.


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