• Force Gauge

    Lutron FG 5020 Force Gauge

    Lutron FG 5020 Force Gauge is used to measure the Tension and Compression force (Push & Pull), Peak holds (Maximum load), that has a five-digit LCD Display with a backlight. It provides an RS-232 computer interface which is easy to operate.
    Applications: Electronics, Business Equipment, Chemical & Plastics, Automotive


  • Force Gauge

    Lutron FG-5000A Force Gauge

    Lutron FG-5000A Force Gauge with Measurement Range: Lutron Force Gauges 5 Kg is a high-quality Force Gauges and manufactured using quality assured material and advanced techniques that make them up to the mark in this highly challenging area.
    Applications: Materials testing, Quality control, Research and development, Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical.

  • Lutron FG-5100 Force Gauge

    Lutron FG-5100 Force Gauge

    Lutron FG 5100 Force Gauge is used to measure Tension & Compression (Push & Pull) force, Normal force, Peak holds ( Max. load ) has 5 digits LCD Display with backlight. Lutron FG-5100 Force Gauges capable of weighing 100 Kg are high-grade Force Gauges.
    Applications: Electronics,Business Equipment,Chemical & Plastics,Automotive.

  • Portable Force Gauge

    Lutron FG-6100SD Portable Force Gauge


    Lutron FG-6100SD Portable Force Gauge is a portable force gauge with a maximum capacity of 100 kilograms (220 pounds). It can measure tension and compression forces with high accuracy and is ideal for use in a variety of applications, including manufacturing, quality control, and research and development. The gauge features a backlit LCD display, peak and valley hold functions, and a data logging function that can be used to record up to 1000 data points

    Applications: Bearing Torque, Torsen Spring, Tension Spring, Burst Testing of Packaging Materials, Switch Activation Force Testing, Closure torque Testing, Compression Spring, Tablet Crush, wire Terminal, Peel Testing.


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