• Light Meter

    Lutron LX-102 Light Meter


    Lutron LX-102 Light Meter are precise instrument designed to quantify the amount of light, both natural and artificial, to ensure optimal levels of lighting to reduce the energy burden of buildings. Also referred to as lux meters, they are useful tools in building design and operation as they allow for routine efficiency audits.
    Applications: Used to measure luminance flux per unit area.

  • Lux Meter

    Lutron LX-1128SD Lux Meter


    Lutron LX-1128SD Lux Meter is a device that measures the brightness of the light source. This offers a wide measurement range that covers three scales and also allows one to measure low-level ambient light up to very bright light sources. This has a unique feature that store readings with timestamps onto a SD card.

    Applications: Photography, Cinematography and Filmmaking, Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Design, Safety and Compliance, Environmental Monitoring, Quality Control, Research and Education.




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