• Lutron FG-20KG Electronic Digital Force Gauge

    Lutron FG-20KG Electronic Digital Force Gauge

    Lutron FG-20KG Electronic Digital Force Gauge accurately measures force by loading tension or compression force on the tip of the gauge. This electronic digital force gauge is a simple-to-use and handheld type measuring instrument that combines a force test stand and provides simple and accurate measurements according to the needs of users. This Electronic force gauge, also known as push-pull force gauge or tension and compression force gauge, In various industries like electric/ mechanical components, cars, medical, food, packaging, and more, these tools are used for QC and R&D.

    Applications: Bearing Torque, Torsen Spring, Tension Spring, Burst Testing of Packaging Materials, Switch Activation Force Testing, Closure torque Testing, Compression Spring, Tablet Crush, wire Terminal, Peel Testing.

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    Lutron PO2 250 Pen Type Oxygen Detector


    Lutron PO2-250 Pen Type Oxygen Detector is used to measure oxygen and temperature in air and features a microprocessor circuit that offers precise measurements. Its reliable Oxygen sensor does not get affected by acidic gases like CO2.

    Application: Food industrial (Refrigerator, Vegetable factory ), Bio-Technology ( Oxygen incubator, Anaerobic cultivator ), Security system (Air conditioner and Oxygen shortage alarm system, Fire alarm system), Fuel cell system

  • Micro Wave Leakage Detector

    Lutron EMF 810 Micro Wave Leakage Detector


    Lutron EMF 810 Micro Wave Leakage Detector is specially designed for measuring or monitoring electromagnetic field value for the microwave frequency precisely.

    Applications: hospitals, radar, TV antenna, Radio station, baking industry, television, computer, factory, laboratory, radiation work.



  • Lutron DO 5509

    Lutron DO 5509 Dissolved Oxygen Monitor


    Lutron DO 5509 Dissolved Oxygen Monitor is supplied with dissolved oxygen probe is great for biology, chemistry, ecology, or integrated science courses. This Lutron DO 5509 can be used to perform a wide variety of experiments to determine changes in dissolved oxygen levels, one of the primary indicators of the quality of an aquatic environment.
    Applications: Aquarium, Medical research, Agriculture, Fish hatcheries, Laboratory, Water conditioning, Mining industry, Schools & Colleges, Quality control etc.


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    Lutron SL4001 Sound Level Meter


    Lutron SL4001 Sound Level Meter is used to measure the sounds that are noticeable at molding and heating area, on burning frameworks or at work environments. This portable sound level meter has a built-in adjustable virtual reality which helps for easy calibration.

    Application: Noise monitoring stations, Smartphone applications, Building Acoustics, Outdoor, and Construction Sites.

  • Digital Anemometer

    Lutron AM 4201 Digital Anemometer


    Lutron AM 4201 Digital Anemometer comes with a Low-friction ball-bearing vane. This Portable Anemometer also has an LCD show for low power consumption with a splendid encompassing light condition.
    Applications: Industries, Whether Monitoring, HVAC, Agriculture, Wind Energy, Constructions, Aviation.

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    Lutron CD 4302 Conductivity Meter


    Lutron CD 4302 Conductivity Meter is used to measure the electrical conductivity in a solution. It has multiple applications in research and engineering.
    Applications: water conditioning, aquariums, beverage, fish hatcheries, food processing, photography, laboratory, paper industry, plating industry, quality control, school & college.

  • Light Meter

    Lutron LX-102 Light Meter


    Lutron LX-102 Light Meter are precise instrument designed to quantify the amount of light, both natural and artificial, to ensure optimal levels of lighting to reduce the energy burden of buildings. Also referred to as lux meters, they are useful tools in building design and operation as they allow for routine efficiency audits.
    Applications: Used to measure luminance flux per unit area.

  • Sound Level Meter

    Lutron SL4030 Sound Level Meter


    Lutron SL4030 Sound Level Meter is a portable handheld device that is used to measure the noise levels in the surroundings. This Sound Level Meter comes with the Large LCD Display that which helps the User to read and understand the sound and noise levels in the particular location. This Decibel Meter gives an alert to the user when there is a situation over and under load. This is the Best Digital Sound Level Meter which provides Valuable Information to the user.
    Applications: Industrial companies, workplaces, Construction Sites, In Traffic Sites, Airports, etc.


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