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    Tempod 50X Temprature Data Logger

    Tempod 50X Data Logger is used in monitoring Temperature solutions that record data to ensure the safety of temperature-sensitive products and also using the USB data logger, you can monitor pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and food both in transit and throughout the supply chain process, ensuring quality standards are kept safe.

    Applications: Sea / Air Freight monitoring,Distribution / Last-mile delivery monitoring,Storage / Freezer monitoring.

  • Testo 175 T2 Temperature Data Logger

    Testo 175 T2 Temperature Data Logger


    Testo 175 T2  Two-Channel Temperature Data Logger is ideally suited if you want to use a single instrument to monitor air temperature and at the same time record additional temperature value on a second channel.

    Applications: Cold Storage Rooms, Warehouses, Food processing & Medical industries.

  • Temperature Data Logger

    Testo 176 T1 Temperature Data Logger


    Testo 176 T1 Temperature Data Logger can monitor the temperature, even in extreme conditions, with a highly accurate Pt100 temperature sensor. This Testo temperature data logger can precisely document the temperature status over a longer period of time. Its robust metal housing makes it particularly suitable for industrial environments.

    Applications: Frozen storage areas, Cold storage, etc

  • Temperature data logger

    Testo 176 T4 Four Channel Temperature Data Logger


    Testo 176 T4 Four Channel Temperature Data Logger can measure the temperature at up to four different measurement sites simultaneously. It has a super size memory for up to 2,000,000 readings and is compatible with a number of different thermocouples making it ideal for professional use in a variety of fields.

    : Checking the temperature in super freezers or under cryogenic conditions, Monitoring process temperatures, Checking the flow and return temperature of heating systems.


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