• Drager O2 Gas Detector

    Drager Pac 6500 O2 Gas Detector


    Drager Pac 6500 O2 Gas Detector is ideal for industrial personal monitoring applications. Providing quick detection of the intended gas vapor, this robust single gas detector has a lifetime of 2 years and is made specifically to fit industrial safety requirements.

    Applications: Chemical Industry, Oil & Gas industry, Mining, Federal Government, Alcohol & Drug Detection, Ignition Interlock Services

  • Senko SP2nd O2 Gas Detector, O2 Gas Detector, Oxygen Detector

    Senko SP2nd O2 Gas Detector (Discontinued)


    Senko SP2nd O2 Gas Detector continuously measures Oxygen levels and alarms the user for lower oxygen levels. This Oxygen Detector is specially designed for Industrial usage and also carries all essential safety approvals.
    Applications: Steelworks, Petrochemical plant, Shipbuilding yard, Sewage treatment plant, Mining, Power supply works, Hermetically-sealed area (manhole, tank).

  • CO Single Gas Detector

    WatchGas UNI Sustainable C2H4O Single Gas Detector

    WatchGas UNI Sustainable C2H4O Single-Gas Detector offers a simple portable solution for a wide variety of applications. This device is warned by six bright red flashing LEDs and a loud acoustic alarm (90 dB). A vibration alarm is also installed for work in noisy environments. The robust material of the housing offers a pleasant feel, comfort, and high impact resistance.

    Applications : (Petro)chemical plants and factories, Tank storage parks, Wastewater treatment facilities, Mining industry, Construction sites, Food, and beverage industry.


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