• Digital Oxygen Transmitter

    ACE AI-O2-Tx Digital Oxygen Transmitter (0 to 100% Vol or 0 to 25% Vol)


    Ace AI-O2-Tx Digital Oxygen Transmitter is a weatherproof indicator and transmitter with 4 digits, 7 Segment Red LED display, and 4-20 mA re-transmission Output. This Oxygen Transmitter is widely used In the manufacturing of Oxygen generators, Concentrator, and Ambient air monitoring. The Digital Oxygen Indicator standard feature also includes an in-built buzzer for process violation alerts.
    Application: Fuel Tank Monitoring, Food, Beverage Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drug manufacturing plants, Paper & Pulp Industry, Offshore Drilling and Processing Platforms, Fertilizers Plants, Coal Mines & Confined Areas etc.


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