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    Fluke 1AC-II Pocket Sized Voltage Detector


    Fluke 1AC-II Pocket Sized Voltage Detector is a Non-Contact voltage tester. The voltage sensing range generally lies between 90V AC to 1000V AC, upon detection, the VoltAlert™ tip glows and beeper sounds. It continually tests its battery and its circuit integrity with a periodic double flash visual indication using Fluke Voltbeat™ technology.

    Applications: Test energized circuits and defective grounds, Control Signal identification

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    Fluke 2AC Non-Contact Voltage Tester

    Fluke 2AC Non-Contact Voltage Tester is a Non-contact voltage tester which is designed to measure voltage in circuits and defective grounds. It uses a special low power circuitry to sustain battery life and ensure your 2AC is always ready.

    Applications: To check AC voltages in sockets, outlets, switches, circuit breakers, fuses, detect breaks in wires and cables.

  • Fluke LVD2 Volt Light Detector, Fluke Voltage Meter

    Fluke LVD2 Volt Light Detector


    Fluke LVD2 Volt Light Detector is Non-contact AC voltage detector that glows LED light when voltage is detected and is designed with easy to use pen-style design. This voltage detector is a CAT IV 600 V rated non-contact detector that is suitable for commercial and industrial applications.
    Applications: All electrical and electronic industries, commercial, domestic applications.

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    Testo 750 1 Voltage Tester


    Testo 750-1 Voltage Tester is a reliable companion when it comes to testing electrical systems and equipment. The all-round LED display and unique fiber-optic technology mean the voltage indication can be seen clearly and distinctly from any position with this voltage tester.

    Applications: Test electrical circuits or systems for voltage or de-energization (according to DIN EN 61243-3:2010), Checking the rotating magnetic field.


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