• High Pressure Hand Pump Calibrator

    Ace AI-2300 High Pressure Hand Pump Calibrator

    Ace AI-2300 High Pressure Hand Pump Calibrator measures pressure up to 600 Kg/cm2 whose principle of operation based on the movement of caliper handle operated manually which moves the piston back and forth leading to the formation of suction and deliver fluid used for pressure generation.
    Applications:  Used for calibration purpose and testing for Vacuum and pressure gauges in laboratories, filter monitoring, room pressure monitoring.

  • Pressure Calibrator

    GE Druck PV211 Pressure Calibrator

    Brand:GE Druck

    GE Druck Pv211 Pressure Calibrator is a light weight high quality pressure and vacuum hand pump pump It can measure 0 to 600 psi pressure and 0 to 28.5 inHg vacuum. Designed to deliver maximum pneumatic pressure efficiently and effortlessly.

    Applications: Filter Monitoring, Room Pressure Monitoring, Laboratory

  • Pneumator Pressure Calibrator

    Testo Pneumator Pressure Calibrator


    Testo Pneumator Pressure Calibrator industrial practice, the accuracy of the measurement innovation used is of expanding importance. This is particularly the situation where the accuracy of the estimating instruments is tried. The Pneumator has flexibly to used as a calibrator or precision measuring instrument. This instrument is a desktop type with compact dimensions and long-term accumulator operation.

    Application: Relative weight estimation or alignment, for differential weight calibration, for differential weight/stream and speed estimation.


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