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    Rotronic HP21 Handheld Hygrometer


    Rotronic HP21 Handheld Hygrometer is a highly accurate handheld indicator that displays relative temperature, humidity, and dew point temperature. This Portable indoor air quality monitor is perfect for spot-checking HVAC installations, manufacturing or storage areas, and any ambient air measurement.
    Applications: HVAC, Food, Meteorological, Clean Rooms, Paper, Pharmaceutical, etc.

  • Testo 623 Temperature And Relative Humidity Meter

    Testo 623 Temperature and Relative Humidity Meter


    Testo 623 Temperature and Relative Humidity Meter minimized and rich hygrometer intended to effortlessness any work area, table, or divider and gives you always dependable temperature and stickiness readings in workplaces, living spaces, or business premise.

    Applications: Greenhouse, Industrial space, Humidors, Incubators and Coating Industries.


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