• Rotronic HD1 Thermo Hygrometer

    Rotronic HD1 Thermo Hygrometer


    Rotronic HD1 Thermo Hygrometer is ideal for continuous measurement of the indoor environment. This humidity temperature meter logs 7 days on average like a humidity temperature logger. Rotronic Thermo hygrometer can be mounted on walls or placed on tables. This digital Thermo hygrometer can also display the date and time
    Applications: Industrial spaces, Incubators, vineyards, Depositaries,  Hospitals, Blood Banks,  Agriculture,  Museums, Coating Industries, cabinet rooms, and work environment, etc.

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    Rotronic HP21 Handheld Hygrometer


    Rotronic HP21 Handheld Hygrometer is a highly accurate handheld indicator that displays relative temperature, humidity, and dew point temperature. This Portable indoor air quality monitor is perfect for spot-checking HVAC installations, manufacturing or storage areas, and any ambient air measurement.
    Applications: HVAC, Food, Meteorological, Clean Rooms, Paper, Pharmaceutical, etc.


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