• Rotronic HD1 Thermo Hygrometer

    Rotronic HD1 Thermo Hygrometer


    Rotronic HD1 Thermo Hygrometer is ideal for continuous measurement of the indoor environment. This humidity temperature meter logs 7 days on average like a humidity temperature logger. Rotronic Thermo hygrometer can be mounted on walls or placed on tables. This digital Thermo hygrometer can also display the date and time
    Applications: Industrial spaces, Incubators, vineyards, Depositaries,  Hospitals, Blood Banks,  Agriculture,  Museums, Coating Industries, cabinet rooms, and work environment, etc.

  • Testo 610 Thermo Hygrometer

    Testo 610 Thermo Hygrometer


    Testo 610 Thermo-Hygrometer enables fast and precise measurement of temperature and humidity in indoor areas. This Testo hygrometer is a very user-friendly measuring instrument that can calculate both dew point and wet bulb temperature. Both values serve as important factors in terms of assessing the indoor climate as they enable you to conclude the relationship between temperature and humidity.

    Application: Used in Green House, Industrial Spaces, Incubators, Museums, Coating Industries, Labs, Office Space, Residence


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