• 8,500.009,300.00

    Ace AI-RHT1-PH Temperature and Humidity Monitor

    Ace AI-RHT1-PH Temperature and Humidity Monitor is a wall-mounting temperature & humidity monitor that simultaneously measures and displays the parameter readings in the Red LED display. The in-built alarm system provided in the monitor alerts the user about the violation of critical parameters of temperature & humidity in IT Infrastructure Facilities and Data Center Applications.
    Application: Server Room, UPS Room, Battery Room, Datacenter Facilities, Ware Houses.

  • 18,941.0035,604.00

    Wireless Server Room Temperature Monitor

    Wireless Server Room Temperature Monitor is the most economical temperature monitor which simultaneously measures, displays, and alerts users upon temperature violation in various facilities which continuously need strict monitoring. This GSM-based server room temperature monitor has an integrated programmable buzzer alarm for alerting via SMS/E-mail/Cloud in case of any deviation from customer specified temperature Low & High limits. Users can opt for either GSM SIM or LAN(TCP/IP) based communication according to their requirements as part of a customization request at our factory.
    Applications: Server Rooms, Datacenter, UPS rooms, Battery rooms, Cold Storages, Cold Chains, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Medical, Logistics, Warehouses, Airports, Hospitals, Machinery Rooms, Ship-Building, etc.

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