• honeywell toxiRAE pro PID voc monitor, Voc detector

    Honeywell ToxiRAE Pro PID VOC Monitor


    Honeywell ToxiRAE Pro PID VOC Monitor is a convenient photo ionization indicator. Including RAE Systems’ cutting edge PID sensor, the ToxiRAE Pro PID can speedily distinguish and accurately monitor more than 300 VOCs.
    Applications: Paint Booth, Confined Space Entry, Hazmat/Homeland Security, Industrial Hygiene and Confined Space, Airlines (wing-tank passage), Landfills, Oil and Gas, Chemical Plants, Hotels, Schools, Ambient Workplace, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Hospitals.

  • Buy Gas Monitor

    Riken Keiki GP-03 LEL Gas Monitor(GP-03 Series is a Discontinued Model, Please contact store for other model)

    Riken Keiki GP-03 LEL Gas Monitor is the only portable LEL Single gas detector for LPG, Propane, Methane, Butane, Petrol, Diesel, Hydrogen, Etc. It is designed to protect users against combustible gases. A robust waterproof design and high safety rating make the GP-03 series the ideal gas monitor for many hazardous applications.

    Applications: Gas pipeline Installations, oil fields, refineries, Petrochemical Plants.


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