• Selec-TC221-Temperature-Controller

    SELEC TC221 Temperature Controller


    SELEC TC221 Temperature Controller is a sophisticated auto-tuning PID controller or on/off controller with the selectable thermocouple, RTD up to two outputs. Versions are available with different relay and SSR outputs.

    Applications: Furnaces, ceramic kilns, boilers, and heat exchangers, Packaging, Plastics, Healthcare, Food & Beverage.

  • Temperature Controller

    Subzero SZ7510 Temperature Controller


    Subzero SZ7510 Temperature Controller is a single setpoint controller with a buzzer.  This digital Temperature controller is specifically designed for refrigeration applications wherein the compressor cuts off at a set point and is restarted at a temperature of setpoint plus differential.
    Applications Temperature Control System: Heating applications, Refrigeration applications.


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