• FLP Duct Mounted Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

    Flameproof Duct Temperature-Humidity Transmitter AI-RHTx-FLP

    Flameproof Duct Humidity Temperature Transmitters AI-RHTx-FLP are designed for HVAC applications for simultaneous dual analog 4-20mA outputs corresponding to temperature & humidity. The Flameproof Duct Humidity Temperature Transmitter is ideal for connecting outputs onto BMS/PLC/SCADA since it provides industry standard 4-20mA Analog Outputs & also comes with optional RS 485 Modbus communication.

    Applications: HVAC, Pharma Labs, Manufacturing Plants, Chemical process plants, etc.

  • Rotronics Thermoflex5 – TF5 Temperature Transmitter

    Rotronics Thermoflex5 – TF5 Temperature Transmitter

    Rotronics Thermoflex5 – TF5 Temperature Transmitter measures temperature based on the data provided by an external PT100 4-wire RTD probe.The TF5 features a robust housing. Digital signal processing ensures consistent product performance with features such as potentiometer free – digital calibration which facilitates the task of field maintenance .

    Applications: Measures temperatures in production processes, storage, transport and drying processes.


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