• Auto PDF Temperature Data Logger

    Auto PDF Temperature Data Logger


    Auto PDF Temperature Data logger is a disposable temperature data logger which has 16000 record values. Internal sensor present in this data logger helps in accurate temperature measurements.

    Applications: Cold chain logistics, Foods and dairy, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

  • Single Use Temperature Datalogger

    Cargo Data logger


    Cargo data logger is specially engineered for temperature monitoring during transportation. This temperature data logger is highly precise with digital sensors and also offers an in-built USB  & plug and play feature for auto-generating PDF and CSV reports without any additional hardware or software.

    Application: Vaccine freezer, Ships, Marine, Food industries, Cold chain, Cold storage, etc.

  • 1,300.0095,000.00

    Elitech LogET1 Temperature Datalogger


    Elitech LogET1 Temperature Datalogger is a single-use datalogger that comes with a Large LCD display and IP67 rating to withstand in harsh environments. This Portable Temperature Datalogger has PC connectivity to download the data reports in PDF format. This Single-Use Temperature Datalogger is ideal for monitoring temperature in sensitive areas..

    Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Refer Trucks, Warehouses, Food Industry, Blood Storage, Vaccine Storage Box, etc.

  • Extech TH10 Temperature USB Data Logger

    Extech TH10 Temperature USB Data Logger


    Extech TH10 USB Temperature Data Logger is a temperature recorder that also records the data measured by the data logger over a period of time up to 32,000 temperature readings with a user-programmable sample rate.

    Applications: Transportation, Food Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Cold storage, and Drugs, etc.

  • Auto PDF Temperature Data Logger

    Pharma Temperature Data logger


    Pharma Temperature Datalogger also is known as Tempnote Lite Data Logger is used to measure and record temperature values and disposable temperature data logger which has 16000 record values. An internal sensor present in this data logger helps inaccurate temperature measurements.
    Applications: Biolabs, Cold chain logistics, Food & dairy, Lifesciences, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

  • Tempsen Alpha TUX

    Tempsen Alpha TUX Ultra Low Temperature USB PDF Data Logger


    Tempsen Alpha TUX Dry Ice USB PDF Data Logger designed to operate and record temperature data within shipments of dry ice. A probe less data logger has an integral temperature sensor, enabling the user to simply place the device into a container of dry ice. An alternative would comprise of a probe, cable run and an external data logger placed in ambient temperature conditions. Using an externally mounted temperature data logger can take longer to install and render the probe and data logger prone to damage due to its position on the outside of the insulated shipping container.


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