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    Honeywell TF228WN digital thermostat is equipped for 3-speed ventilator and valve control in a ventilator coil system, including 2-pipe cool only / heat only / automatic changeover Automatic or automatic 3-speed ventilator control Water valve control In addition to the standard settings, TF228WN with CPH (Cycle Per Hour) best holds the room temperature at setpoint and memorized time off feature will automatically turn off the thermostat to conserve fuel.

    Application: Hotel, Shopping Mall, Hospital, School.


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    Honeywell TF428WN Thermostat

    Honeywell TF428WN  is a digital thermostat with CPH (cycle per hour) better holds the room temperature to the setpoint, and the Random Start-up feature will help preserve the reliability of the power grid.

    Applications of Honeywell Thermostat: School, Hospital, Shopping Mall, Industrial, Pharmaceutical

  • Siemens RDF302 Thermostat

    Siemens RDF302 Thermostat

    Siemens RDF302 Thermostat, the RS 485 communications room thermostat, uses the Modbus protocol, allowing you to set your desired ideal room temperature. The thermostat offers a mode for Comfort, Economy, and Safety.

    Application: Hotel, Shopping Mall, Hospital, School, Commercial, or residential indoor temperature control.


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