• MSI M5100 Series Pressure Transmitter

    MSI M5100 Series Pressure Transmitter


    MSI M5100 Series Pressure Transmitter from Measurement Specialities sets the price/performance standard for transducers used in demanding environments.

    Applications: Automation Machine Building, Ship Building, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, and Pumps & Compressors

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    Rosemount™ 3051 Pressure Transmitter

    Rosemount 3051T Pressure Transmitters are the industry standard for gauge and absolute pressure measurement. The in-line, compact design allows the transmitter to be connected directly to a process for quick, easy and cost-effective installation.

    Applications: Operate at a higher temperature and in vacuum, submersible and industrial, Power Plants, Off-Highway Vehicles, Natural Gas Equipment, Semiconductor Processing, Powe Plants, Refrigeration, Robotics, HVAC.


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