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    Greystone CMD5B Carbon Monoxide Transmitter


    Greystone CMD5B Carbon Monoxide Transmitter utilizes a superior electrochemical sensor for reliability and accuracy in even the most critical applications. The standard product features a 2-wire loop-powered output. Optionally, the device may be designed with an alarm relay that works in 3-wire sourcing mode and/or with Modbus communications.
    Applications: Industrial and laboratory, HVAC, and Duct Units.

  • Honeywell GD250 Carbon Monoxide Detector, Carbon monoxide detector

    Honeywell GD250 Carbon Monoxide Detector


    Honeywell GD250 Carbon Monoxide Detector is an IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) sensor, which has been intended to recognize carbon monoxide gas noticeable all around and has high exactness at low focus. Favorable position of this model is its minimized size and simple installation.

    Applications: Chemical industry, Meat Coloring, Medicine, Metallurgy, Laser and so forth.

  • Single Gas Monitor

    Honeywell Toxirae Pro H2S Single Gas Monitor

    Honeywell Toxirae Pro H2S Single Gas Monitor is the world’s first wireless personal monitor for toxic gases and oxygen. It can detect a broad range of gases—from carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen to ammonia, chlorine, and formaldehyde.

    Application: (Petro)chemical plants and factories, Tank storage parks, Wastewater treatment facilities, Mining industry, Construction sites, Food, and beverage industries.

  • Senko SI-100 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

    Senko SI-100 Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector


    Senko SI-100 Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Detector displays the concentration of the H2S level with continuous readings on the LCD display. This Senko H2S detector Detector is well equipped to be used in Flameproof areas with all global approvals. The Instrument can be connected to PLC/SCADA with RS485 or 4-20mA output option.
    Applications: Steelworks, petrochemical, refining, shipbuilding, wastewater treatment plants and septic, mining, power, agency.


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