• Ace 16 channel data logger

    Ace 16 Channel Data Logger (FDA 21CFR)

    Ace 16 Channel Data Logger is designed to take inputs of RTD Pt-100 Sensors(Temperature), Pressure( 4-20 mA), Humidity (4-20 mA) Temperature from Transmitters (4-20 mA), any Thermocouples, Voltage or Current(mA) Signals. The single instrument is mainly used to record the temperature, pressure and, vacuum, flow and, pH, conductivity on different channels with this single device.
    Applications: Pharmaceutical industry, Water pumping station, Iron and steel industry, Chemical industry, Petroleum industry, etc.

  • 8 Channel Data Logger

    Ace 8 Channel Data Logger (FDA 21 CFR)

    Ace 8 Channel Data Logger is used to measure & record various parameters like vacuum, pressure, temperature, humidity & differential pressure on different channels up to 8 in a single instrument. This Multi-Channel Datalogger also acts as a paperless recorder, hence saving sample time in recording and analyzing data.
    Applications: Temperature recording applications in industry, scientific research, quality assurance applications, research, and development.

  • Apresys D99 USB Temperature Data Logger

    Apresys D99 USB Temperature Data Logger


    Apresys D99 USB Temperature Datalogger is used to measure and record temperature data for a maximum of 99 days with a sampling interval of 20 minutes. Reports can be generated by connecting them to the computer directly and the report can be taken as a copy of the print. The temperature data logger comes with an Ip rating of 65 which suggests that it is shock-proof, dust-proof, and water-proof.
    Applications: Vaccines refrigeration, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Lab, Shipping, Transportation, Food monitoring for cold-chain management, Chemical medicines monitoring Temperature-sensitive refrigerated daily necessities, freight containers by sea/air, etc.

  • Auto PDF Temperature Data Logger

    Auto PDF Temperature Data Logger


    Auto PDF Temperature Data logger is a disposable temperature data logger which has 16000 record values. Internal sensor present in this data logger helps in accurate temperature measurements.

    Applications: Cold chain logistics, Foods and dairy, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

  • Single Use Temperature Datalogger

    Cargo Data logger


    Cargo data logger is specially engineered for temperature monitoring during transportation. This temperature data logger is highly precise with digital sensors and also offers an in-built USB  & plug and play feature for auto-generating PDF and CSV reports without any additional hardware or software.

    Application: Vaccine freezer, Ships, Marine, Food industries, Cold chain, Cold storage, etc.

  • Cold Chain Single Use Datalogger

    Cold Chain Single Use Datalogger


    Cold Chain Single Use Datalogger data logger is specifically designed to monitor the temperature for perishable goods such as biopharmaceuticals, perishable food, and beverages during transportation. The temperature of such perishable goods is highly temperature sensitive and can be detrimental fluctuations in temperature are experienced. With a wide temperature detection range from -30°C to 70°C the single-use data logger accurately detects and records data throughout its journey with a temperature accuracy of +-0.2°C between 0-60°C & +-0.5°C between other ranges.
    Applications: Clean Rooms, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, HVAC, Bulk Drugs, Chemicals, Heavy Machinery, Hydraulics, Vacuum Industry, Green House, Server Room, Confined Space and Cold Storage.

  • Ebro Temperature Datalogger

    Ebro EBI-20T1 Temperature Data Logger (EN 801, FDA 21CFR, Part 11)

    Ebro EBI20T1 Temperature Data Logger is a high accuracy and efficient data logger for continuous monitoring and documentation of the temperature in Food, Cold chain, chemical, and pharmaceutical areas. This Temperature data logger comes with a factory calibration certificate, a user-replaceable battery, and has 1 channel measurement with the memory of 40,000 measurements for continuous monitoring.
    Applications: Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Refrigerator Trucks, Reefer ships, Reefer cars, Refrigerator ships, Warehouse.

  • 1,300.0095,000.00

    Elitech LogET1 Temperature Datalogger


    Elitech LogET1 Temperature Datalogger is a single-use datalogger that comes with a Large LCD display and IP67 rating to withstand in harsh environments. This Portable Temperature Datalogger has PC connectivity to download the data reports in PDF format. This Single-Use Temperature Datalogger is ideal for monitoring temperature in sensitive areas..

    Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Refer Trucks, Warehouses, Food Industry, Blood Storage, Vaccine Storage Box, etc.

  • USB Temperature Data Logger

    Elitech RC-5 USB Temperature Data Logger


    Elitech RC-5 USB Temperature Data Logger is a plug-and-play type USB Data Logger mainly used for temperature recording. This Elitech Temperature Data Logger allows user to collect the data quickly in cold-chain management, warehouses and vaccine transportation etc.
    Applications: Warehouse, Cold chain, Reefer compartments, Reefer trucks, Reefer bundles, Chilly stockpiling, Laboratories, Reefer ships, etc.

  • Elitech RC-5+ TE PDF Reusable Temperature Data Logger

    Elitech RC-5+ TE PDF Reusable Temperature Data Logger


    Elitech RC-5+ TE PDF Reusable Temperature Data Logger is a plug-and-play USB port interface datalogger that allows faster access to collect the data in any cold chain management process. This RC-5+ TE Temperature Data Logger has two types of alarms-single and cumulative alarm type. It records real-time temperature that is stored in non-volatile memory for access via the USB port.

    Applications: Transportation of Food, Medicine, Warehouses, Logistics, Cold-chain, Refrigerated containers, Refrigerated trucks, Cold storage, Laboratory, etc.

  • 1,980.00166,000.00

    Elitech RC5+ USB Temperature Data Logger

    Elitech RC5+ USB Temperature Data Logger measures a wide range of temperatures. This Data logger data can be downloaded, analyzed, exported, and printed easily via PDF/Excel format via Elitech software. This Data recorder has an Auto PDF generation option with high-accuracy temperature measurement and reliable data memory for multiple uses.
    Applications: Cold Storage and Ocean/Air/Roadways Transportation of Food stuff, Medicine, Chemicals, Warehousing, Logistics and Cold-chain, Refer containers, Refer trucks, Refer Ships, Laboratory, etc.

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    Huato HE170 USB Temperature Data Logger

    HE170 USB temperature data logger is featured with elegant appearance, compact design, lP67 standard of waterproof and dustproof, multiple levels of accuracy, battery indicator, and USB interface. It is specifically designed for refrigerators and cold—chain transportation


    Used in Cold chain transportation, HAVC refrigerators, laboratories, and incubators.


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