• Ace 16 channel data logger

    Ace 16 Channel Data Logger (FDA 21CFR)

    Ace 16 Channel Data Logger is designed to take inputs of RTD Pt-100 Sensors(Temperature), Pressure( 4-20 mA), Humidity (4-20 mA) Temperature from Transmitters (4-20 mA), any Thermocouples, Voltage or Current(mA) Signals. The single instrument is mainly used to record the temperature, pressure and, vacuum, flow and, pH, conductivity on different channels with this single device.
    Applications: Pharmaceutical industry, Water pumping station, Iron and steel industry, Chemical industry, Petroleum industry, etc.

  • 8 Channel Data Logger

    Ace 8 Channel Data Logger (FDA 21 CFR)

    Ace 8 Channel Data Logger is used to measure & record various parameters like vacuum, pressure, temperature, humidity & differential pressure on different channels up to 8 in a single instrument. This Multi-Channel Datalogger also acts as a paperless recorder, hence saving sample time in recording and analyzing data.
    Applications: Temperature recording applications in industry, scientific research, quality assurance applications, research, and development.

  • Apresys D99 USB Temperature Data Logger

    Apresys D99 USB Temperature Data Logger


    Apresys D99 USB Temperature Datalogger is used to measure and record temperature data for a maximum of 99 days with a sampling interval of 20 minutes. Reports can be generated by connecting them to the computer directly and the report can be taken as a copy of the print. The temperature data logger comes with an Ip rating of 65 which suggests that it is shock-proof, dust-proof, and water-proof.
    Applications: Vaccines refrigeration, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Lab, Shipping, Transportation, Food monitoring for cold-chain management, Chemical medicines monitoring Temperature-sensitive refrigerated daily necessities, freight containers by sea/air, etc.

  • Temperature DataLogger

    Kimo KT50 Temperature DataLogger

    Kimo KT50 Temperature DataLogger has configuration and data processing software available as an option and it has data viewing software freely downloadable. It has a protection class of IP65 and it is magnetically mounted datalogger.
    Applications: Food industry, Pharma industry, Process and Storage of sensible goods.

  • Placeholder

    Madgetech Cryo-Temp Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger


    Madgetech Cryo Temp Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger can record temperatures as low as -86 °C. This Utilizes a USB Docking Station to communicate with a PC for configuration & data download.

    Applications: Transports, Refrigerators, Warehouses, Server rooms, Productions rooms, Pharmaceutical room validations, etc.

  • Sensitech Temperature Datalogger

    Sensitech TempTale TT4 Temperature Datalogger(Discontinued Model, Contact Store for another model)


    Sensitech TempTale TT4 Temperature Datalogger is the industry’s most trusted reliable and accurate electronic monitor for Monitoring the temperature of temperature-sensitive products like Ice Cream, Fresh Fruit, dairy products, Meats, etc. The time and temperature data are displayed in the LCD display that helps to take crucial quick and easy.
    Application: Cold chains, Food Storage, etc.

  • Testo Temperature Monitor

    Testo 175T1 Single Channel Temperature Data Logger


    Testo 175T1 Single Channel Temperature Data Logger is ideal for monitoring storage temperatures & long-term monitoring. Testo temperature data logger is certified for use in food environments & measures with logs temperatures constantly and reliably.

    Applications: Clean rooms, Pharmaceutical validations, Refrigerators, Shipping vans, Freezers, Shipping crates, Cargo vessels, Warehouses, Storage areas, etc.

  • Testo 184G1 Transport Logger

    Testo 184 G1 Transport Data Logger


    Testo 184 G1 Transport Logger for temperature, humidity & shock you can now monitor the transport of sensitive products such as electronics, art, pharmaceuticals or foods over unlimited operating time.

    Applications: Cold storages, refrigerator containers, food processing.


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